Stevieslaw: Of course it could happen here department

Stevieslaw: Of course it could happen here department.

Director Richard Clancy, who came out of retirement two years ago to help restore a Secret Service that had been rocked with scandal, has retired once again. Donald Trump will pick the new head of the agency and an administration spokesperson has confided in Smokey Diamond that the leading candidate is Richard Spencer. Spencer runs the National Policy Institute, an alt-right think tank that supports neo-Nazi policies. His rallies feature the Nazi salute and cries of “Hail, Trump.” He has called for the “peaceful ethnic cleansing” of the United States.”

Chief Trump advisor Steve Bannon, who described Mr. Spencer as a leading intellectual of the alt right, said “Richard is perfect for the job. He will bring his own touch and own people to the position. His argument for having secret service members wear uniforms—to promote an “esprit de corps” is brilliant. In fact, one of his followers has designed a snappy brown shirt that seems perfect for the job.”

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