Stevieslaw: Compatince (alt spelling)

Stevieslaw: Can we bring back the private email server, please?

There is strong evidence to suggest that the discussion between President Trump and Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, on how to deal with the North Korean missile provocation was recorded by the intelligence services of 47 nations and a hacker named Bob. The critical discussions over the dinner table at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort reportedly got so loud, that some of the wealthy diners at other tables asked the wait-staff if they might suggest that Trump’s party “tone down the strategic briefing.” “The nuke this, nuke that,” talk was frightening, said one patron. The clearest recordings, should you decide to listen in, are available on the official websites of Albania, China, and São Tomé and Principe. Hacker Bob’s recording is, sadly, not so good.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Foundation, said that his government had no need to record the conversations as Michael Flynn, former White House National Security advisor, was able to hand deliver the cocktail napkins the two world leaders used to write the details of their response on directly to the Russian Embassy in Washington.

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