Stevieslaw: Making America great again–wall by wall.

Stevieslaw: Making America Great Again—wall by wall.

Pinko-communist, fascist, liberty hating liberal snowflakes would have you believe that the pillars of American greatness are anchored by our scientific, medical, and cultural achievements. Hah! Trump and his minions are simply not buying it and their plan is to cut Federal spending on science, medicine and culture to the bone.

Said Trump Spokesperson, Ina Quot, “America’s greatness has always be defined by the quality of its massive walls. How could any reasonable American compare the discovery of a polio vaccine by Jonas Salk to the construction of the massive Manhattan-Bronx wall**. When did discovering medicines become a job for a real man?” she asked. “And it goes without saying,” she continued, “that Jonas Salk was a Jew—a race so ignoble that it has been lying about its own near extinction for decades.”

“The Manhattan-Bronx wall on the other hand was built in 1971 by hard-working, white Americans with good American names—like Cathcart, Dreedle and Korn*, to keep high rent Manhattan forever separate from the low rent Bronx. Supermen with the physiques of a Steve Bannon built it. What could be more noble?”

“Liberals would have you believe,” she continued “that there is some value to a visit to the Chicago Art Institute, for example, while the real wonder is the incredible wall built to surround Chicago** during the Reagan years, to keep the city from infecting the countryside. The graffiti is breathtaking,” she noted.

“President Trump understands that it is America’s walls that make her great—and he will spend whatever it takes of hard-working American’s tax dollars to build more and better ones—between black and white, between rich and poor, between current resident and immigrant—the need is endless,” she said with a smile.

*see Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.
**Yes. I know there is no such thing.

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