Stevieslaw: Poetic Justice

Stevieslaw: Poetic Justice
My brother Barry, a New York City transplant, spent more than half his life in Florida. Not much went right for him down there, so I was surprised to learn in a 2008 phone call that he was not voting for Barack Obama. “Obama is going to redistribute the wealth,” he told me, with what I assume was a straight face. I reminded him gently that he hadn’t had two nickels to rub together in the last ten years or so—redistribution of wealth, even if a pipe dream, had to be good for him.
I chalked it up to the influence of the Florida sun on New York transplants. Some of them pickle in the sun and end up out-red-necking the rednecks.
Which brings me to the Trump budget, which will benefit the filthy rich while depriving the rest of us with what we need to keep it together. If you’re a rust belt voter—Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan for example, you can bet your last dollar that the programs that are barely keeping your area from sinking into irredeemable poverty and despair are slated to be cut to nothing. Trump is coming for the little you’ve got.
Well, you busted it all up and made sure a woman wouldn’t serve as President, yet it stills seems a shame that you won’t ever have the wherewithal to visit that splendid wall on the U.S./Mexican border, paid for by the money that once bought your child a good, hot lunch at school.
What were you thinking?

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