Stevieslaw: Let’s get real

Stevieslaw: Get Real
They came for my Uncle Arthur in the middle of the night. They came, dressed in body armor, with guns drawn. All of my relatives agreed that both of those precautions were sensible. Uncle Arthur could be on occasion difficult to deal with.
Months before, Arthur had been arrested for usury—an old and rare term for what we now call banking. His trial had just begun. But what prompted his visit from local and federal law officials on that March night in Southern Florida was a fresh charge of jury tampering and obstruction of justice. Uncle Arthur had met with two of the jurors, to inform them in his most mannered style that it would be much healthier for them if he were to be found innocent. They are both healing nicely.
Arthur’s lawyer, my young cousin Jerry, pleaded him on ignorance of the law. When the judge had finished laughing—Jerry often ran into this—he informed the two of them that, “ignorance of the law excuses no one (ignorantia juris non excusal).” Arthur might have gone to jail had he not had political connections.
To be fair, my Uncle Arthur had only a fourth grade education and Cousin Jerry was an acknowledged airhead, but it was interesting to hear Speaker Ryan—aka, the smart one, plead Trump on the same defense yesterday.
If you still believe that the Republicans will somehow impeach Trump, I can get you in touch with my Uncle Arthur who will be happy to loan you the money to buy the bridge I would like to sell you. The tooth fairy will deliver the loan directly to your door.
Sure, the Russian attempt to hijack our election(s) is serious business, for all the reasons that James Comey cited in his testimony. And, sure the Trump campaign was involved in making this happen. And, sure someone will be indicted, found guilty and placed in a Federal minimum security prison for a few months. And, sure you will have never have heard of this person—some third or fourth level political hack with even less pull than my Uncle Arthur.
It will dominate the media for months—occupying the expertise of never ending panels of never ending experts arguing the fine points, among themselves, of something that will not matter at all.

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2 Responses to Stevieslaw: Let’s get real

  1. H. Alan Weisel says:

    I think you nailed it. Unfortunately.


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