Stevieslaw: Mother Earth denies bias

Stevieslaw: Mother Earth denies bias

Mother Earth, in an interview with our own Smokey Diamond, defended herself from Right-wing radio hosts—Rush Limbaugh and the like, who have taken to describing her as an Anti-American liberal tool whose primary interest is in destroying the White Christian race.

Mother Earth told Smokey, “I did not vote for Hilary Clinton or for Barack Obama. I am, by definition, a citizen of the world—the face of the world if you like, and cannot vote in any election, in any country.”

Mother Earth denied targeting America in the recent series of hurricanes. “I really don’t make the rules,” she said. “I am, we all are, governed by the rules of science—there are many even I don’t fully understand. I am not capable of targeting and I have no bias against any race. There were huge floods in Bangladesh last week, that went largely unreported in the United State.”

Mother Earth did admit to Smokey that her climate was changing. “It is getting hotter and hotter,” she said. “And I am finding it harder and harder to rest with all the vibrations and noise from fracking.”

“At this point, Smokey,” said an exasperated Mother Earth, “I would describe my mood as seriously cranky.”


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6 Responses to Stevieslaw: Mother Earth denies bias

  1. Mother Earth in menopause… The metaphor makes sense, doesn’t it.


  2. stevieslaw says:

    Yes. I think it does. And after?


  3. ivors20 says:

    A very strong and intriguing interview between Smokey and a vexed Mother Earth. Maybe you might like to read my poem “It’s Time”.


  4. stevieslaw says:

    sure. please send it


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