Newsbriefs You May Have Missed: 2. Tea-partiers to seek treatment

Tea-partiers to seek anger management therapy.

At a well attended but little publicized three-day meeting this December in Topeka, Kansas, Tea-partiers met to answer one fundamental question—“why are we so boiling mad?”  We were able to speak to their self-styled spokesperson, Paul “Scaaty” Simon at the end of the meeting to ask him how the meeting had come about and if any progress had been made. 

 “It was something we needed to discuss,” said Paul.  “Most of us are not poor, nor hungry, nor physically disabled,” he noted, “where does all the anger come from?” “The first two days of the meeting produced nothing concrete. We could only associate the anger with the vague, undifferentiated feelings of fear for the future that most of us carry around.”  “On the third day, however, we teamed up with the American Psychologic Society—which was having their annual meeting over the same time period.”  The one-on-one and anger management sessions and workshops, as well as the pharmaceutical therapy, that they were able to offer us, were amazing.” “We predict that most of the Tea-partiers will continue to take part and benefit from the therapeutic services the group offers.”  “Fortunately,” Mr. Simon continued, “Obamacare will force the insurance companies to cover the cost of our treatment.”

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