StevieslawGoGetYours: Planning Your Stock Profile for the Republican Century

I sat down this morning to write a protest letter to Rep. Glenn Thompson about drilling for gas in the Delaware River Basin.  Instead, I started to laugh.  Is it possible to find a better way to waste your time than writing to Glenn about the environment?

So Smokey and I spent the morning talking about our finances.  I don’t know about you but our finances suffered from the little practical joke Wall Street and the Bankers recently put over on us.  We haven’t recovered quite as quickly as CitiBank. So, here is a little investment advice for your disposable income to use during the coming Republican Century.  No specific companies are mentioned.

The Obvious:

Armament and “Defense” Stock—These are always good, independent of the make-up of the government.  We have a Democrat and a Nobel Peace Prize winner running two and a half wars.  Smokey and I believe that expendables are the future—Cruise missiles are not reusable. Neither are the bombs the two sides in Libya are using to move desert sand around.

Energy—Under the Republicans, any stock with gas, oil, or electricity in its title is a sure thing.  It is also relatively easy to find combined armament and energy companies—hint, think of a major “electric” company that paid no tax this past year.

Services: There are a few good bets here.  Private prison providers come to mind.  Low end fast food restaurants, which can cater to the increasing number of working poor, are good as well.

Medical: Think of the dismantling of ObamaCare and you think immediately of the insane profits that the medical insurance companies will be reaping.  With the end of environmental protection, we are really bullish on an increase in the number of cancer diagnoses.  It’s got to skyrocket.  Pharmaceuticals are a good bet.

Less Obvious:

Communication: You can’t go wrong with the soon-to-be- State related TV network that rhymes with nox.

Environment: What is this doing here you wonder?  Think of drilling in a river basin that supplies a major city and you come up with?  No, of course it’s a disaster in the making, but how do you profit? We suggest you invest heavily in companies that bottle water.  It’s a no-brainer.  We also like the manufacturer of oxygen vending machines for city streets.  Have beachfront?  We, in State College, a few hundred miles from the current coastline, are seriously toying with building a beach club resort— a truly Republican answer to global warming.

Feel free to make use of these ideas.  Smokey and I can’t as we have just realized that we have no disposable income to invest.  Oh well… Dear Congressman Thompson: I protest…

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2 Responses to StevieslawGoGetYours: Planning Your Stock Profile for the Republican Century

  1. Sounds like you’re a Libroretro. The furure is in the future not in the past. A famous author wrote “You Can’t Got Home Again.” Going back to the “Good old days” just is there, its gone. We have to thrust forward or parish. One problem we can’t seem to overcome is honesty. About 85%of people are dishonest. When we have these delicate environmental progams being undertaken by business and industry, power, politics and money overcome rules, regulations and laws. An inspector who stands firm and requires all these “restrictions” to be inforced is despised or is not around very long. Its very easy to find a compatible replacement.


    • stevieslaw says:

      Actually, I’m not big on a return to the past. The black death still makes me nervous most mornings. I just don’t know that thrusting forward means we have to leave everything proven good behind.
      As an aside, when Thomas Wolfe wrote “You can’t go home again,” it was dedicated to me. I’m that old.
      Seriously, it is not my experience that 85% of people are dishonest—nowhere near that number. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky.


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