Stevieslaw: Your Roots Are Showing

Stevieslaw: Your Roots are Showing
Lt. Gov David Dewhurst lost a GOP runoff election to Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz yesterday because it was rumored that he had once uttered the word democrat in a student production in third grade. Tea Party spokesperson, Dom Ash, said that level of interparty cooperation would unacceptable for a US Senator.
Smokey Diamond, our intrepid reporter, asked Dommy about the appropriateness of the term “grassroots,” which is often used to describe the Tea Party. Since grassroots specifically refers to the rank and file or common people of a nation, Smokey wondered how that might be reconciled with the huge amount of Super Pac money that is often donated solely by the very wealthy. “That sort of money went a long way to electing Ted Cruz,” Smokey noted. Mr. Ash who seemed unfazed by the question, pointed out that, “the definition of grassroots will be only one of many definitions we will change once we achieve power.”

Perhaps Sarah Palin can provide a new set of definitions?

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