Stevieslaw: Corbett No Respond to Kaen*

Stevieslaw: Corbett No Respond to Kaen*
Tom Corbett today responded to charges by Attorney General Elect, Kathleen Kane, that he slowed the Sandusky investigation because he feared a backlash by Penn State fans by stating, “I slowed up the investigation because I feared that if I charged Sandusky during my election campaign some Penn State fans would blame the messenger and I would not be elected.” “I hope this clears the air,” he continued.

*Because of the added expense of compliance with Obamacare, we have had to cut back our proofreaders** hours. Some missspellings might occur and some words of negation may have been added or left out. We have also had to give up eating Poppa John’s Pizzas***.
**We never had a proofreader, but the statement above makes us feel important.
***Actually, we don’t believe we’ve ever had one (Proofyguy, please check).

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3 Responses to Stevieslaw: Corbett No Respond to Kaen*

  1. Loyal Ramsey says:

    I only wish this was his reason to sit on it. My suspicion is that it had far more to do with the still uninvestigated part Second Mile and the folks running it had in the Sandusky mess. Most of those folks were big contributors to our dear Gov. Space Cadett.


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