Stevieslaw: Approaching the Fiscal Cliff

Stevieslaw: Approaching the Fiscal Cliff
With Republicans and Democrats sniping at each other like recently disarmed Hatfields and McCoys, it is important for us, as citizens, to get a better idea of what we can expect when going over the fiscal cliff. At Stevieslaw, we have compiled a list of essential questions you should take up with your elected representative, should he take a break from spitting venom.
1. How high is the cliff?
2. Can we expect a “ground” or “water” landing?
3. If water, will it be warm or cold?
4. Will we go over all at once—like lemmings—or will an individual performance be required?
5. If we are to perform, what skills will we need and where can we practice?
6. What shall we wear?
7. Is there to be a painful recovery?
8. If yes, how long will the recovery take?
9. When will parachutes be delivered to the very rich?
10. Can we anticipate that bankers will be circling below us in pleasure boats or chariots to pick our bones clean should the fiscal fall not do so?
Get and share the answers as you can! Frankly, the uncertainty is killing our intrepid reporter, Smokey Diamond, who has an cat-like fear of water.

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