Stevieslaw: Corbett shines by Comparison

Stevieslaw: Tom Corbett’s Campaign Slogan
Corbett’s spokesperson, Onter Take, announced with obvious glee today a slogan which the campaign feels will carry Corbett to victory in the upcoming election. “Sure, Tom may appear callous when it comes to educating children or caring for the sick and poor and, on occasion, it may have felt that he was in bed with so many, and so varied a group of cash-contributing industry hacks that it is a wonder anyone slept in Pennsylvania during his reign, but the thing to remember is that it could have been worse,” said Take—without pausing for breath. For example, Tom did not shut down Philadelphia because they didn’t vote for him.” “And Tom’s campaign slogan, Kinder than Chris Christie, will emphasize exactly that.”

Smokey Diamond says, “for once, T.C., who is known for his rambling, meaningless statements may have gotten something right.”

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2 Responses to Stevieslaw: Corbett shines by Comparison

  1. R. Shepard says:

    Again we see how the political system works in PA. The gas and oil folks find a pliable, slightly dimwitted putz to install as “The Gov.”. They let him out of his rubber room on an irregular basis, for they do not wish to establish a pattern, to blurt out nonsense. “The Gov.” then is led back to his holding tank, given a well worn copy of Crime and Punishment and told to behave or the electro-shock therapy will begin again, the G & A boys, working hand in hand with the GOP (Gas & Oil Party) continue to do whatever they damn well please and of course support the GOP (Gas & Oil Party) in numerous and covert ways

    It warms my heart,

    Your kind servant, W. Marcy Tweed

    P.S Keep up the good work, it is only a matter of time until the Gas & Oil Party and thier minions cause you to disappear in the middle of a normal night of insomnia.


    • stevieslaw says:

      I no longer believe they let him out. Yesterday he said several incomprehensible things about public education and the voter id law. I think he periodically slips his handlers in search of a live mic.


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