Stevieslaw: The House Republicans Voted to Contest

Just today, our local newspaper, the CDT, published two articles on measures being considered by House Republicans. The first described an anti-abortion measure that had to be pulled because it was offensive to staunchly anti-abortion Republican women. The second was a push for yet another unenforceable immigration bill.
There seems to be no better theatre in America today than the action of the Republican led House. Now Stevieslaw is proud to announce a contest—in which we challenge you to be as insane as the House. House majority leader, John Boehner has agreed to judge the entries, which will require you to complete the statement: The House Republicans voted today to… Craziest proposal wins.
Competition figures to be insane as the push to find something far beyond the current “normalcy” of House proposals will be very difficult. Consider this: we took a stab at the contest by proposing, “The House Republicans voted today to cede California to Mexico as a way of arresting illegal immigration.” John B. judged that to be, by the standards of the current House, mildly eccentric.
The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day. That lucky person will get the chance to cast the deciding vote on something of earthshattering importance, during the current year. How could it hurt?

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