Stevieslaw: Scott Walker Defines the American Dream

Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, issued the most definitive statement ever about just what constitutes the American Dream. Walker’s new budget, which bolsters his credentials for a presidential run, will hold spending for public schools at their current level while raising the budget for religious and private school vouchers—under Wisconsin’s So My Children Won’t Have to Go to School with Your Children Act. Walker claimed the teaching of science, history and current affairs, termed the values elective at religious schools, will certainly benefit. Scottie also slashed the budget for the University of Wisconsin by $300 million dollars, changed its name to The Madison School for Automotive Repair, and rewrote the charter to reflect the change. Even the Republican controlled Congress has signaled that they are mildly upset by the budget.
When questioned by our ace reporter, Smokey Diamond, Scottie said that his budget would fulfill his campaign promise to continue lowering property taxes to help people achieve the American Dream. When asked to define the American Dream, Walker sadly shook his head and replied, “I just answered that question.”

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