Stevieslaw: Wave/Particle Duality Surfaces in Memory

Stevieslaw: Wave/Particle Duality Surfaces in Memory
The subject of a long-standing discussion in physics is whether light behaves as a wave or a particle. Both, seems the current answer. Now Jeb Bush, Republican hopeful for President in 2016 has bravely extended the wave/particle controversy to memory. In what will soon be the Republican talking point on the war in Iraq, he argues that the war was good and bad. The good was the doing of his brother George W., who acting on serious intelligence that strongly suggested Saddam Hussein not only had weapons of mass destruction, but also had active plans to use them to bomb us into oblivion a week from Tuesday, invaded Iraq. Sure, the intelligence was wrong, but what red-blooded American who truly loves America wouldn’t have done the exact same thing. Then there was the fall of Saddam and Iraq and the heroic “surge” that saved the day for civilization. I seem to recall that George W. flew combat missions with Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly. When George left office, Iraq was well on its way to becoming a 21st century garden of Eden.
Jeb contrasts that with Obama’s handling of the aftermath. The bad war. A disengaged President, who has trouble distinguishing the guys in the white hats from the guys in the black hats in the Middle East, flubs the golden opportunity offered up by Bush’s. Incompetence? Insufficient love of America? Both? You decide.
The duality theory of memory will also be used to explain the recent depression. You know—the one which was caused by an out-of-control banking and securities system that damaged everyone but the banks and Wall Street. In the Bush version, a financial aberration that could have happened to anyone, anytime led to the collapse of the economy. No fault there. Now contrast that with the miserably ineffective handling of the recovery under Barack and you have the picture.

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2 Responses to Stevieslaw: Wave/Particle Duality Surfaces in Memory

  1. Sarah Russell says:

    Great analysis, Steve! Why can’t we democrats sell this fallacy? We’re doing a miserable job.


  2. stevieslaw says:

    Yes. The repubs have found a way to get the people they detest to vote for them. Quite brilliant


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