Stevieslaw: World Leaders Lining Up

Republicans are attributing Ben Netanyahu’s big win to his protocol bending appearance before the United States Congress a few weeks before his election. As you no doubt recall, Bibi’s speech bashed Obama’s negotiations with Iran and to a large extent Obama himself. Now, says Conrad Richter, spokesperson for the Congressional Republicans, “World leaders are coming forward in droves.” “They would like to improve their approval ratings by having us invite them to address the Congress, while doing an end run around Obama. Their speeches would ridicule American foreign policy as practiced by Obama and Hilary Clinton.”
“What a boon,” added Richter with a smile.
Conrad admitted that many members of Congress were having trouble identifying the nation involved, their location in the world, and the political systems they live under, but he didn’t feel that would be a significant issue.
“For example,” he said, “We have just had a serious inquiry from President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil, but many members feel that the name is made up and someone on the net is playing with us. In addition, while most members have a general idea of where Israel is, very few can find a tiny nation like Brazil on the map. These are very minor issues that we feel we can work through with the help of say, a recently unemployed elementary school teacher from Wisconsin or two.”
“Let the speeches begin,” concluded Richter.

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