Stevieslaw: The Truth about “House of Cards.”

Sex, murder and cover-up, influence peddling, money laundering, a Chinese connection, a meddling billionaire, rank partisan politics, an inept secret service and FBI—is it any wonder that a recent New York Times poll found that 73% of people who watch the popular Netflix show, House of Cards, thought that it was a documentary/expose about current conditions in Washington? Smokey Diamond, who has been compiling comments from the poll offers a few here:
1. Martha Washington from Norman, OK says “Netflix should be commended for producing this expose of the President, Vice-President and Congress in such a timely manner.”
2. Martin Van Buren, from Selma, AL notes, “Its presentation on Netflix limits its distribution. Clearly, this is just another example of the liberal Networks trying to hide the truth from the American people.”
3. Robert Heinlein, from Boston, MA asks our help, “I saw Frank Underwood push Zoe under the train. I’m being held hostage by a skinny balding guy in a bad suit.”
And finally,
4. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas admits, “I’m very, very confused.” “I thought the black guy was the President.”

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