Networks to Suspend Prime Time Programming

Stevieslaw: Networks to Suspend Prime Time Programming
With Hillary Clinton poised to enter the 2016 Presidential Race, we can be assured that she is fully capable of raising as much or more money than her Republican adversaries. Indeed, The Center for Economic Prediction estimates that the amount the candidates will spend for this election will exceed the gross national product of all but the three wealthiest nations. The consequences of this spending spree—some good, some bad—will be widespread. For example, the major network television stations have calculated that there is more money to be made in airing campaign spots than there is in the commercial value of prime time shows, so we can expect that they will replace their current programming with continuous political commercials soon after the nominating conventions. For the four or five of you who still watch network TV, that will be bad. The good news is that the CEP estimates that the unemployment rate will fall by up to 6% points during the campaign. What’s more you will not have to worry quite as much about things like (non-political) scams and identity theft. Con artists and indeed anyone with skill in doubletalk or doublethink will be gobbled up by the campaign juggernauts to write copy for their ads at truly amazing salaries.
Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who appears to be spending more and more time in Canada, defended the Citizens United Ruling, when questioned by our very own Smokey Diamond. Roberts told Smokey that Supreme Court rulings had little to do with current conditions, but were meant to stand the test of time. Said Roberts “Sure things are crazy now, but in a few hundred years, we will all laugh at this.”

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