Stevieslaw: Texas Republicans will not BEE fooled

Stevieslaw: Texas Republicans will not BEE Fooled
Republicans in the Texas legislature were quick to call for a halt to Barack Obama’s plan to help save the dwindling bee population. Spokesperson, Dom A.S.A. Rock, noted that, “It was the timely action of our group in exposing Obama’s plan to use military exercises as a ruse to invade Texas that saved our sovereign state. Now, Obama would have us believe he has a sudden interest in the welfare of honeybees. Ha.”
“Clearly, Barack Hussein will be using Federal money, Federal land and Federal agencies to create an army of killer bees to be better able to attack Texas, Dom Dom continued. We are on to him. We will be working closely with CropLife America and other pesticide manufacturers to make sure there is an appropriate response to any Federal killer bee army that attempts to cross our border.

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