Stevieslaw: ISIS Proofing America

Stevieslaw: Isis Proofing America

Bob Stevenson, spokesperson for the soon to be announced Presidential Candidate Lindsey Graham, told Smokey Diamond today that the recent Amtrak derailment was a sign of a Congressional strategy finally beginning to show some positive results.
“The general lack of support for our aging infrastructure—Republican led, though by and large with bipartisan support, has been looked upon by media pundits as some sort of abrogation of Congressional duty. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We are committed to letting our infrastructure rot as a way of keeping the country safe from foreign invasion and takeover.”
“Can you imagine an ISIS army trying to move personnel and heavy weapons across the Hudson through the inadequate tunnels for an attack on Wall Street? No enemy—no matter how insane their philosophy, would try to that for more than a day or two without packing up and going home, continued R.L.”
As the Senator is fond of saying, “Freedom can spread from coast to coast without any infrastructure at all.” As to the rest, better safe than sorry.”

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