Stevieslaw: Arms Makers Cautiously Optimistic

Stevieslaw: Arms Makers Cautiously Optimistic
“It’s hard not to be nostalgic about the cold war and the doctrine of mutual assured destruction (mad),” said Ti T. Fortat, a Wall Street analyst who specializes in evaluating armament manufacturers. “Defense drove the economy for the 45 years the cold war lasted and the bullets and missiles people made gads of money.”
Dr. Fortat believes that a resumption of the cold war is just a few small miscalculations away and he and the armaments industry are pumped. “Putin and Russia are excluded from the G-7 summit, the constant, simmering conflict in the Ukraine continues and now the Russians are testing mid-range cruise missiles in violation of the intermediate range nuclear force treaty.” “At this point, the US government must respond in Europe, but we still have options—a measured response is certainly possible.”
“Fortunately, our government rarely works that way,” he continued. “With luck, we will introduce cruise missiles, capable of taking out more than just the offending missiles and frighten the Russians. And then it’s off to the races—a new cold war, a nuclear arms race, and perhaps some regional conflicts.” “For our military-industrial complex, it will be raining money, just as it did in those happy cold war days.”

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