Stevieslaw: NRA proposes bold new plan.

The recent shooting in a Louisiana movie theatre, when coupled with the trial of the Colorado movie theatre shooter, has many thoughtful people shaking their heads and murmuring, “what can we do, what can we do?” Fortunately, that is not true of the forceful and innovative people at the National Rifle Association, who have come up with a plan almost before the bodies of the latest shooting victims have cooled.
NRA spokesperson, Got Y. Acovred, said that creative members had put together the concept of disposable 3-d glasses, often served up for a specific show and then recycled, with the miracle of 3-d printing and come up with an idea of arming every movie viewer with a “to be recycled firearm,” at the start of each show. “It will be easier than pausing to buy popcorn on your way in,” said Goty, “As everyone will get one.”
Mr. Acovred went on to dismiss the problem of people not recycling their weapons as they leave the theatre. “With 3-d printing, we envision the cost of these weapons to be very small and their corresponding accuracy to be poor.” In any event, theatre owners can factor shrinkage into the price of the movie.” “If some weapons find their way into the hands of red-blooded American movie buffs, that’s all the better.”
“Any potential shooter will understand that, at the first sign of trouble, one or two or a dozen or two dozen armed citizens will empty their weapons in his or her general direction,” noted Goty. “Wise mass murderers will be forced out of the theatre and will have to travel elsewhere. Perhaps to the mall,” He concluded.

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