Stevieslaw: The NRA Hour: Bang, Bang, Who’s Dead

Stevieslaw: The NRA Hour: Bang, Bang, Who’s Dead?
Smokey Diamond, our intrepid reporter at Stevieslaw, has just learned that a new Reality TV show with the catchy title of “Bang, Bang, Who’s Dead,” has entered production. The show was able to overcome significant legal hurdles with the help of the National Rifle Association, which is also funding it. In the show, to be hosted by Alex Trebek, heavily armed groups or individuals will be teased into ferocious arguments by a team of trained psychologists as our panel of four ordinary citizens—each teamed with an amazing celebrity, eagerly watches the action. The live feed will break away just before shots are fired and the panel will have to decide who was shot and killed. Four shootings are planned for each hour-long episode.
After a lively discussion and vote, the panel and the TV audience will be treated to footage of the murder and its aftermath from every conceivable angle, answering a question once posed by Phil Ochs in his song “Crucifixion”—“Do you have a picture of the pain?,” with a resounding yes!
Right-wing Celebs who have already agreed to appear include Clint Eastwood, Ann Coulter and Ted Nugent. The panel winner will receive $10,000, a fully automatic rifle and a lifetime supply of armor piercing ammunition. Family members and friends of the victims will be consoled.
Smokey, dressed from head to toe in Kevlar, predicted, “This show is sure to make the Kardashian soap opera seemed lame and tame.”

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