Stevieslaw: Tomorrow’s Headlines Today

Stevieslaw: Tomorrow’s Headlines Today—Fish in a Barrel
We haven’t used this feature often this year. Headlines are tricky to predict. That is the reason we are so pleased to present a guest “headline of tomorrow,” from Edwin Walker of the Texas Law Shield. That’s the group that has been after zoos across Texas to lift their firearms bans. A recently passed State Law allows complaints from citizens about illegal gun restrictions to the State’s Attorney General. Steep fines are possible.
In response to the Houston Zoo lifting its ban on firearms, Walker said, “I guarantee there’s not going to be a license-holder that’s going to go to the zoo and shoot a baby giraffe in front of school children. How many headlines can we expect out of that remark? How about:
Texan shoots baby giraffe in zoo traumatizing school children.
Or that old favorite
Texan fires 45 shots at baby giraffe, killing and injuring school children instead.
Texas Zoo Tragedy—Is Arming Orangutans the Answer?
Have some more?

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