Stevieslaw: The National Rifle Association Steps Up

Stevieslaw: National Rifle Association Steps Up
The NRA announced tonight that they would defend, Tony Torrez, the 32 year old man who has confessed to the “road rage” killing of a 4 year old girl on an Albuquerque road. Spokesperson, I.M.B. Cele, said that the NRA would provide a lawyer and pay all legal expenses for all the gun related charges Mr. Torrez faces. “In our opinion,” said B. Cele, this could happen to any one of us who has a bad temper, or is dealing with a terrible day, and happens to have a loaded pistol in his glove compartment.”
Mr. Cele went on to note that the NRA would not help defend Torrez on any of the many vehicular charges filed against him. “If he broke any motor vehicle ordinances,” concluded Celes, “They should burn him.”

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