Stevieslaw: Ted Cruz to raze “White” House

Stevieslaw: Ted Cruz to raze “White” House
With super-Tuesday just over a week away, the Republican front runners are desperately trying to energize their base supporters. For the Cruz campaign, that means getting his natural constituency of white supremacists, over-the-top Evangelicals and crazed militia members to come to the polls in large numbers.
“Headlines that pull no punches and tell the absolute truth are the answer,” said George Wallace III, Cruz campaign spokesperson. “We have the truth,” he continued.
Look for Teddy to appear today in Birmingham—fashion forward in a pure white sheet and hood—to remind people that the “White” house will have to be razed and rebuilt as no self-respecting white, Christian, Southern man would allow his wife and family to reside in the current building.
“The cheers will be deafening,” George predicted.
“While the extreme liberal media will doubtlessly call this statement racist, many Americans will simply see it as sensible and prudent,” Wallace concluded.
Ace reporter, Smokey Diamond, is off this week. She is in Canada to buy a small, comfortable cottage, which is off the grid.

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