Stevieslaw: Diss-Obama Day

Stevieslaw: Diss-Obama Day
The Republican leadership in the House and the Senate is admitted terrified by the prospect of maintaining unity after the reign of Obama ends this year. “It’s been a great run,” said Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell. “We’ve managed to block nearly everything,” he continued with his award winning grin.
Now, Republicans will take advantage of their majority in both the Senate and the House to declare a new National Holiday. “We will declare August 4th—the day Obama was born in Kenya in 1961—Diss-Obama day,” said Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.
“We would hope that year after year, right-thinking Americans would take the opportunity offered by the Diss-Obama Day to take to the streets. We imagine major population centers hosting parades of rednecks in pick-up trucks as they let loose with automatic weapons. Confederate flags will fly! Citizens can start their own traditions: perhaps you reserve that day to call your neighbor a liar and poke him in the nose.”
Here at Stevieslaw, we have learned that Fox News has already offered to hold a yearly debate entitled: “Was Obama the worst President ever and why?”
“Of course, the House and the Senate would be heavily involved” continued McConnell. On August 4th, we would guarantee that none of the nation’s work is accomplished. All nominations would be scorned. Senators and Congressmen would spend the day making fiery speeches decrying the nerve of the former President in trying to govern.” “Then in a solemn ceremony, to be shown on prime-time TV, we will vote to defund Obamacare.” “It will be a marvelous spectacle,” promised Mitch.

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