Stevieslaw: Trump Tweets” “No need for my nominees to be present at their hearing.”

Stevieslaw: Trump Tweets, :“No Need for My Nominees to be Present at Their Hearings.”

Donald Trump argued today that his nominees for Cabinet positions should not be required to be present at their confirmation hearings. “No Need, No Need,” he tweeted. Donald spokesperson, Bill, confirmed the message and went on to say that Mr. Trump’s picks were busy and important people and the country would suffer greatly if they took time off from making great gobs of money to perform at Congressional hearings for which the resulting confirmations were already a given. It’s bad theatre,” he concluded.

In a subsequent tweet, Trump laid out his reasoning for all to see. Said our future President, “I picked these people and who picks people better than I do—no one, not ever. Just look at my huge results on Celebrity Apprentice—which had the highest ratings of any show ever, much higher ratings than that has-been Meryl Streep ever achieved for anything.”

Smokey Diamond is deeply depressed—off her catnip as we say at Stevieslaw. Well-wishes are welcome.

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