Stevieslaw: Orangy Felon to Flee

Stevieslaw: Orangy Felon to Flee
The Washington-post reported today that President Trump is using his upcoming international tour as a smokescreen for his real intent—to flee the United States before he is indicted. His first stop, Saudi Arabia, will also be his final destination. The Saudi’s do not have an extradition treaty with the United States. Trump will easily be able to move his real-estate empire to Saudi Arabia and he finds its male dominant culture fits perfectly with his lifestyle and beliefs. The Post reports that Trump will convert to Islam at the airport upon landing. Trump is quoted as saying, “They guaranteed that I wouldn’t need to be circumcised.”
Public sentiment in the United States has been running at a fever pace. Hallmark stock has more than doubled on the strength of their “Good Riddance you Asshole,” bon voyage card. Sale of the cards surpassed the hundred million mark within hours of the press release. Hallmark is concerned, however, that their “And take that awful schmuck Pence with you” card will not reach the market in time.
The Justice Department is planning a thorough investigation—possibly as early as 2050. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell said that they will hold hearing on Trump’s flight if and when they can find the time.

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