Stevieslaw: Oh, To Be In Salem When Republicans Are There.

Our local newspaper, the CDT, quotes wire sources for the report that Republican lawmakers are asking the IRS to investigate the AARP, to determine whether or not they should retain their tax exempt status.  The lawmakers claim that AARP stands to make huge sums over the next ten years on health insurance plans made possible by Obamacare, and that is the reason they supported the health care legislation.

Our Smokey Diamond caught up with Ian Hollow, spokesperson for the Republican majority in the House.  In answer to Smokey’s questions, Mr. Hollow stated unequivocally “this is not some witchhunt.” “There are a pernicious set of myths that permeate American society and cause hard working American people to support things that are, in fact, against their own best interests.”  “We all know them,” he continued, “worker’s rights must be protected, women have unique health care needs, broadcasting choices should go beyond Fox news and American Idol, and now, older, retired people somehow, magically, require more health care than your average Joe.”  “What you end up with is Unions, Planned Parenthood, NPR, and AARP—groups we would all be better off without.” “Republicans,” he said, “have finally figured out that the best way to dispel the myths afflicting our great society is to attack the organizations these myths have created and fostered.”

Hollow assured Diamond that much more was in the works.  “We are closely examining the myth that workers at tax exempt organizations should be allowed to vote for Democrats, if they prefer them,” he said with his winning smile.

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