Stevieslaw: Live for Greatness

Stevieslaw: Live for Greatness
Our local newspaper, the Centre Daily Times, has done it once again. They have a single page for National news—in fact, they have only a single page for any news not concerning, in one way or another, the Sandusky scandal. The only article is one about the House GOP and their difficulty in signing on to a continuation of the payroll tax. You know the argument I’m sure. On the one hand, a continuation would be a reduction in taxes—a good thing. But on the other hand, “Che” Obama wants to pay for it by taxing millionaires—a non-starter for Republican millionaire fans. There is also the ever present possibility that helping the country recover from a recession will help “Fidel” Obama’s reelection chances.

There is a small ad for church worship next to the payroll tax article, but occupying three quarters of the page is a local jewelry store’s ad for a Rolex watch, with the caption “Live for Greatness.” Here at Stevieslaw, we could not ever have said it any better. To the Republican crowd we have somehow elected to represent us, greatness is not defined by a government that cares for the sick and poor, rebuilds our infrastructure to provide jobs and plans for a better America. Greatness is defined by one’s ability to own a Rolex watch.

Doesn’t that make you wish you had actually voted?

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4 Responses to Stevieslaw: Live for Greatness

  1. Branka says:

    It makes perfect sense!


  2. Danilo Houp says:

    Great post, I think people should larn a lot from this weblog its real user genial. So much excellent info on here :D.


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